Restaurant Review: Jodee’s Desserts


Jodee’s fresh and organic desserts embody everything to love about Seattle’s food culture. The clean, brightly lit Green Lake shop offers “treats that deliver all of the flavor and none of the guilt, to keep you and our community healthy and happy.” With pies, truffles and mousse cups made from scratch with quality ingredients, including wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-glycemic options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Sweet and light, completely indulgent and remarkably delicious, Jodee’s kitchen serves exactly what dessert was intended to be.

The lovely little storefront smells of almond and coconut, and is welcoming in a way that only a place that truly believes in what they do can be.  Warm and friendly staff offer samples of treats in the case, and there are shelves of educative books and freshly packaged super food snacks.  The atmosphere is casual and mostly set up for taking your selection to go, though there are a few seats available and free wifi if you choose to hang out.

The smooth and rich Peppermint Patty, crisp and tangy Key Lime Pie and fluffy Tiramisu were enough to make Jodee’s my new favorite local dessert spot. It is worth, however, making a special trip for the liquid refreshments. Smoothies made from fresh organic fruits and veggies, sweetened with dates or agave, and French pressed coffee with just about every milk alternative available.  These nourishing and delicious beverages are an experience all their own and the perfect accompaniment to a Saturday morning walk around the lake.  Enjoy!



7214 Woodlawn Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 525-2900