About Delightenment

Kitchen + Delight + Enlightenment

Where the necessity of food meets the delight of truly good food and the great pleasure of conscious food.

The more we learn about how our food choices effect our health and vitality, the well-being of future generations and the condition of the environment we live in, the more crucial it becomes to eat like we give a damn. This means many different things to many different individuals. For me, this embodies knowing where our food comes from. Choosing animal products that have been raised humanely without the harmful use of hormones and antibiotics, purchasing vegetables and fruits that have not been sprayed with poisonous pesticides and shipped halfway across the world, and listening to how our bodies respond to what we consume. That last one is a biggie. There is no end all be all diet when it comes to how we nourish ourselves. There are many ways to get the nutrients we need, and just as palates and tastes differ, so do the ways our body’s function and the ratios we require. Listen up! Balance is key. Fresh, alive food is the baseline. And as my grandmother always said, “Everything in moderation including moderation.” (I’m pretty sure she snagged that from Julia Child.)

What you will find in these pages are stories from my kitchen and love for conscious food. Some silly, some serious, always genuine. There are recipes and cooking suggestions, some (completely amateur) photos and blurbs about various nutritious ingredients. Reviews on local restaurants, helpful books and kitchen tools. Observations on the world of cooking and eating at large.

Mostly, I hope that you discover inspiration in these pages. A desire to experience your world of senses. A curiosity of the foods of your region and the creations waiting to come from your kitchen!

Thank you for stopping by!


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